mini eBook: “Life: A Manual”

Posted: March 3, 2012 in School papers, Technical Writing
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One of my classes this semester is ebook creation, and our latest assignment was to make a manual (because this is a technical writing program). The finished product had to include a cover, images, and lists. I didn’t really have anything to write a manual for, so I asked on Twitter if anyone had anything they needed me to write a manual for. (We didn’t actually have to write one from scratch; I think most people just reformatted existing documents.) One of my friends said, “Life.” So I said, “OK!”

I pondered how to accomplish this without sounding like one of those “Everything I learned in life I learned in Kindergarten” posters from the 80’s. After a little reflection, I came up with the following.

You can download the epub of the ebook here. (“Ebook” is a generous term; it’s only a couple of pages, more like an “epamphlet.”) It’s free. An epub i is viewable with Adobe Digital Editions or Calibre, both of which are free downloads.

You can download the mobi of the ebook here. This one is for Kindle. The assignment was to create an ebup, not a mobi. But I think more people tend to read stuff on Kindle (also a free download), so I also made a mobi for you. I had to do the formatting manually, because I can’t figure out any way to get Jutoh to read any of my style sheets.

Hope you enjoy my little book!


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