Ebook formatting 4: Mobi to Kindle for computer

Posted: April 24, 2012 in School papers
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I’ve been taking an ebooks class this semester, and for my final project I decided to do a little formatting experiment. We learned all kinds of formatting and CSS in class, but a lot of what we learned didn’t work on every form of output. The same epub file might come out differently in Adobe Digital Editions versus iBooks. So I created a mini-ebook in both epub and mobi, with all kinds of formatting “issues” I could think of–colors, lists, images–and took screenshots of how they came out in different programs and devices.

So far, I covered epub to Adobe Digital Editions, epub to Calibre, and epub to iBooks (iPad). In this post, I’m covering mobi to the desktop Kindle app (for Mac).

For starters, you can download the mobi here.But it is possible to get the gist of the experiment without downloading it.

Let’s see how the mobi displayed in Kindle’s app for Mac.


No problems on page or thumbnail (not shown). The only weird thing is that clicking “Intro” on the Table of Contents takes you to the cover, not the heading ‘Intro” like it’s supposed to.


Everything worked except the most obscure font, Thornburi.


As you can see above, we avoided that awkward problem of the ID anchor (which is on the line “Here is an ordered list”) appear as a hyperlink that doesn’t go anywhere.

All the lists check out just fine!


Everything worked fine. As with the other desktop apps, the top- and middle-aligned images only displayed as such when the window was sized widely enough; otherwise they appeared below the text.


Links both work.


Looks good!

Good job, Kindle for Mac! Let’s see what happens on Kindle for iPad and iPhone


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