Ebook formatting 6: Mobi to Kindle device

Posted: April 25, 2012 in School papers
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I’ve been taking an ebooks class this semester, and for my final project I decided to do a little formatting experiment. We learned all kinds of formatting and CSS in class, but a lot of what we learned didn’t work on every form of output. The same epub file might come out differently in Adobe Digital Editions versus iBooks. So I created a mini-ebook in both epub and mobi, with all kinds of formatting “issues” I could think of–colors, lists, images–and took screenshots of how they came out in different programs and devices.

So far, I covered epub to Adobe Digital Editions, epub to Calibre, epub to iBooks, mobi to Kindle (computer), and mobi to Kindle app (iPad and iPhone). In this post, I’m covering mobi to the Kindle device itself.

For starters, you can download the mobi here. But it is possible to get the gist of the experiment without downloading it.

Let’s see how the mobi displayed on the Kindle device (Kindle Keyboard 3G).


The cover came out fine, but the table of contents was once again unavailable.


The colored text comes out greyscaled, which is really the best that can be hoped for with a black-and-white screen. The centering and right-aligning works. As with the Kindle app, the text is always indented but justified. None of the fonts worked, and as with the app, the altered font sizes were bigger and smaller in turn, but not to scale.


As you can see above, the regular lists come out fine.

Again we have a problem with the first item in the ordered-within-unordered nested list. But here we just have an extra bullet, where in the app we had a five-digit number inexplicably replacing the 1. So this is an improvement.


I’m just going to include one shot of the images, to spare you the repetition.

Each time the image appeared, it took up the whole screen. So alignment and floating were moot. I will point out that the image that was supposed to have the border did not.

Links and Backgrounds

Both links worked, and without causing the anchor to hyperlink. Neither background had any effect.

That’s the last output method I’ll be testing for this project, so all that’s left is to summarize.


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